Adopted cat was depressed after being left by owner, until he met the most unlikely friend

When a cat started to follow his owner to the stable one day, little did she know that she would discover he had a very special talent.

Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer from Devon, England met Louis the cat when he was a tiny kitten and instantly fell in love. His previous owner had recently gone through a separation and was unable to keep him, and of course Emma jumped at the chance to take him.

When he moved into his new home, he began to follow Emma everywhere, even when she went to tend to the horses in the stables. But then he did something which took Emma by surprise.

He started off just following me to the stable and walking along the walls or fences nudging the horses with his head. Then he started to jump on their backs and sit there or jump on and then off the other side to get somewhere.

 Louis often likes to go for rides in the woods with one of Emma’s horses, Comet and the two are now the best of friends. And after a long day riding, Louis comes back to cuddle with the rest of his family.

You can watch Louis’ adventures below :